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Sunset with sun cradled in clouds

I am a historian, author, newspaper columnist and photographer.  My interest in history comes from my encounter several years ago with a statue of Nancy Ward, the Cherokee Beloved Woman.  My interest in photography began while I was in Vietnam. I use a Canon 20D camera and enjoy nature and scenic photography.
Direct link to my web pages:
My photos can be seen at: Photos by Ray Smith
A weekly history column I write for The Oak Ridger, Historically Speaking, can be read each Tuesday at: The Oak Ridger. For previously published columns, search The Oak Ridger archives for "Historically Speaking" and select the article you want to read. I am creating an online archive page at: Historically Speaking online archive

Published books of the Historically Speaking columns can be found at: Books by Ray Smith

Or on by searching for "Historically Speaking"


We enjoy traveling to National Parks and photographing nature and scenic views.   
See examples of my photos at: Ray's Photos on Flickr 

See examples of other photos at: Ray's OneDrive

Photos are also found at: Photos by Ray Smith on Picasa



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Welcome to my web site and enjoy your visit - Ray