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Vision Statement for 2007 Class

East Tennessee in 2022 is a beautiful, healthy and economically secure place to live, learn, work and play, where regional leaders and the people collaborate through continuing, thoughtful planning and cost-effective implementation for vibrant, sustainable growth and the preservation of our cultural/heritage traditions and our precious natural resources.

  • Provide a regional approach in addressing key issues vital to all East Tennesseans
  • Discover and promote the available resources that are actively working to improve the region
  • Create a network of concerned leaders through which information can be effectively channeled to and utilized by the existing leadership programs and to the increasing number of leadership graduates in the East Tennessee area
  • Develop recommendations for constructive actions in resolving needs


  • Provide a networking opportunity for community leaders from the East Tennessee region as defined by the sixteen counties of the East Tennessee Development District
  • Facilitate the interchange of ideas and familiarization with the various local issues of the region as they relate to economic and community development
  • Strengthen local programs through the mutual exchange of participants
  • Break down barriers to positive progress created by local interests by developing a regional awareness
  • Encourage positive steps toward resolving regional issues
  • Promote positive aspects of various counties with understanding and appreciation of differences

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Contacts for East Tennessee Regional Leadership Program

Jane Myers, East Tennessee Regional Leadership Facilitator:
Click to send e-mail to Jane Myers
Phone: 423-623-7127

Jan Mosadegh, The East Tennessee Community Design Center, ETRLA Sponsor:
Click to send e-mail to Jan Mosadegh
Phone: 865-525-9945
Fax: 865.523.0938



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