Lucas Maclain Smith's Web Page:

A son or a grandson is a joy, a blessing, a beautiful thing to behold.  He seeks your insights, loves you for no reason and he even thinks you are special too!




Luke Smith


Hello! I am Luke Smith and I am proud to be the newest addition to the Smith and Stephen families.


Well, I am glad to finally get here! Nine months is a long time, you know! I thought this day would never get here. When it did, I didn't waste any time. I was born very early in the morning and almost as soon as my parents got to the hospital. My grandparents were not quick enough so, I just came on out before they arrived! Well, now the day has arrived and all my family are SO PROUD of me. Of course, I am proud of them too... Let me introduce them to you:


Here I am with my parents, Zane and Laura. Can't you just see the pure pride in their faces. They think our family is something special! They are great parents!


Luke with Dad and Mom


And speaking of pride, just look at my Daddy and Mommy as they look in each other's eyes. They don't think I see them, but I know how much they love each other.Look out world, here we come!


Look of Love


Now, let me introduce you to my great grandmother.

She loves me and is very happy to see me. Luke and Great Grandma


I have another Great Grandmother who lives in Canada and I am sure anxious to see her too!


Okay, now let's get my grandparents into the picture. Here's my Papa Dennis and Nana. They are so proud of me and I am proud of them too.


Luke Papa Dennis and Nana


Now here I am with Nana. She thinks I am the most beautiful grandson there ever was. Luke and Nana


I also have an Uncle Andy and Aunt Julie. Here they are holding me.

Luke and AndyLuke and Julie


Now let me introduce my other grandparents. Two sets of grandparents, am I special or what? Papa and Granny sure think so!!!


Luke, Papa and Granny


My Granny is very happy to see me.


Luke and Granny


Here's my Uncle Mike. He came to see me and we got to know each other pretty quick.


Luke and Uncle Mike


This is my Aunt Maggie. She is proud to see me. Luke and Aunt Maggie


These are my cousins, Jake, Logan and Sam:

Jake Logan Sam

Don't you just know the four of us are going to have such wonderful times together! I am going to be just as "big" as they are and will keep up with them too!




Well, what do you think? Is this a great family or what?




Do I ever have a lot of work to do to get all these folks to toe the line? They are so excited about me. Me, too! What do you think? I think I am just so proud to be here and they better be on their toes 'cause I am setting the pace and they better keep up!




Thank You for letting me introduce this wonderful family I have just joined. Am I ever blessed? Yeah! You know it!


Thank you God - for my Family!