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A grandson is a joy, a blessing, a beautiful thing to behold.  He seeks your insights, loves you for no reason and he even thinks you are special too!




Granny and Sam


That's my Granny holding me up there. She is such a great cuddler and holds me just right...she must have had some babies herself. Experience is a good teacher, you know.


Well, let me tell you I am so glad to finally get here! Nine months is a long time, you know! I thought this day would never get here. My Mama has been ready for me to arrive for weeks!!! Me too! Well, now the day has arrived and all my family are SO PROUD of me. Of course, I am proud of them too... Let me introduce them to you:


Speaking of Mama, here is my Mother, Maggie. Can't you just see the pure pride in her face. She thinks we both are something else and we are! She is a great Mom!


Maggie and Sam


And speaking of pride, just look at my Daddy's smile as he holds me for the first time. I was glad to see him too!


Mike and Sam


Okay, now let's give my brothers a chance to get into the picture along with Papa. He is crazy, you know...but I love him anyway! And anyway, he takes my picture a LOT! Now, Jake and Logan are my brothers and I want you to know they are special. I am so glad to be in the same family with them. Jake takes care of me and Logan is my protector. Give me just a little time to grow a bit and I will show them a thing or two and we three boys will have a ball. There is no telling what all we will do. With our creative minds, if one of us don't think of it one of the other two will. Look out world, here we come!


Papa, Jake, Logan and Sam


Here is my family...ain't we something to crow about! Papa and Granny think so!!!


Mike, Maggie, Jake, Logan and Sam


I have heard about my uncle and aunt, Zane and Laura, and I am anxious to meet them. Here is a picture of them...but it would be a better picture if they had me in it, don't you agree?


Zane and Laura


Well, what do you think? Is this a great family or what?




Do I ever have a lot of work to do to get all these folks to toe the line? They are so excited about me. Me, too! What do you think? I think I am just so proud to be here and they better be on their toes 'cause I am setting the pace and they better keep up!


Sam giving us a look


Thank You for letting me introduce this wonderful family I have just joined. Am I ever blessed? Yeah! You know it!


Thank you God for my Family!