Leadership Oak Ridge Alumni (LORA)

Respond to Leadership Oak Ridge Alumni Membership Survey:  

The Leadership Oak Ridge Alumni organization would like input from you regarding your thoughts on our program of activities and events as we plan for the future. Please complete the below form and submit it to Hal Osucha by clicking on the submit button when finished answering all questions.

Note: please answer ALL question that have options by selecting an option. Exception: The first question is optional and may be left blank if you prefer your input to remain anonymous.


1. LORA Members Name (Optional):

2. What should be the frequency of our meetings/events?  

3. What programs would you attend?    
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Local Speakers 
Speakers from outside Oak Ridge 
Social Events after hours 
Community Service one-time fundraiser 
Community Service once/year 
Community Service Ongoing Project 
Professional Development 
Other (describe below)

4. What are your preferred meeting days?  

5. What meeting times do you prefer?  

6. Preferred method to obtain communication from LORA?  

7. Are you aware of the LORA website?  

8. Do you use the website to review the event schedule?  

Submit the completed form by clicking on the submit button below.  This will send the form by e-mail to the LORA Board of Director's chair, Hal Osucha.

Thank you for your time to complete the survey.