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Sunset with sun cradled in clouds

We enjoy traveling abroad and to National Parks photographing nature and scenic views.

Many of my travel photos and other images may be seen at: Click here for Ray's Photos on

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I am a Photographer, Historian, Author, Newspaper Columnist and a Vietnam Veteran.  My interest photography goes back to the time I spent in Vietnam in 1968 - 1969. My camera of choice is a Canon 80D. Favorite photography subjects are nature and scenic. 
My photos can be seen at: Photos by Ray Smith
My interest in history comes from my encounter several years ago with a granite statue of Nancy Ward, the Cherokee Beloved Woman. 
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A history column I write for The Oak Ridger newspaper, Historically Speaking, can be read at: The Oak Ridger. For previously published columns, search The Oak Ridger archives for "Historically Speaking" and select the article you want to read. I have created an online archive page at: Historically Speaking online archive

Published books of the Historically Speaking columns can be found at: Books by Ray Smith

Or on by searching for "Historically Speaking"

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