Happy Father's Day



Fathers are special and their example profoundly influences their children's lives.


Happy Father's Day

Got it?  Happy Father's Day, Okay!!!!!


  Bugs Bunny says: Fathers are

 Faith Models  





Real Friends 



Fathers push your wagon.

Fathers are:

The Boy's Ideal

I must be fit for a child to play with,

Fit for a youngster to walk away with,

Fit for his trust and fit to be

    Ready to take him upon my knee;

Whether I win or lose my fight,

I must be fit for my boy at night.


I must be fit for a child to come to,

Speech there is that I must be dumb to.

I must be fit for his eyes to see,

    He must find nothing of shame in me,

Whatever I make of myself, I must

Square to my boy's unfaltering trust.


I must be fit for a child's glad greeting,

His are eyes that there is no cheating;

He must behold me in every test,

    Not at my worst, but my very best;

He must be proud when my life is done,

To have men know that he is my son.

                        - Erwin Hirsch

Parents represent the last stand of the amateur.  Every other trade and profession has developed standards, has required study and practice and licensing before releasing the student into his work... Only one profession remains untutored and untrained - the bearing and rearing of our children.

                                            - Evelyn Mills Duval

So, Happy Father's Day

to all Fathers who continue to strive to be the best Father possible and to spend energy day after day being a Faith model, an Appreciator, a Teacher, a Helper, an Encourager, a Real friend, and an enthusiastic Supporter!

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