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The simple yet grand beauty of nature is the source of peace and tranquility...Choose to ENJOY LIFE'S SIMPLE PLEASURES!!!


Flame Azalea photograph may take some time to is worth the wait!  You may want to scan down the page reading the text and come back to view the beauty from the top of Gregory's Bald in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Flame Azalea's on Gregory's Bald in the Great Smoky Mountains

In late June and early July of each year a beautiful transformation takes place on the tops of many of the Appalachian Mountains, especially those in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The "balds" on the tops of the mountains are ablaze with color.  Azalea's bloom in profusion.  The scene is serene and calming.  The views are tremendous with the mountains stretching as far as the eye can see.  It is good to be alive there!



Dogwood tree in bloom, may take some time to load, however it is worth the wait!  You will want to experience the peace and beauty of nature.


One of the most prominent trees in the open woods, along roadways, planted in yards, the subject of spring festivals and adored by all who appreciate nature's beauty, the Dogwood tree is a thing of simple beauty.

So, what makes these photographs special?


Do they make you think of serenity? of peace? of quiet?


Do you see the beauty of the simple yet grand scale of nature?


What is the reason for all the beauty of nature? 


Do we appreciate the beauty around us or do we just take it for granted?


You can choose to appreciate the simple yet grand things of nature.


I choose to photograph things I appreciate.  You can choose to share these photographs and thoughts with those you love.

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