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Granny Cashion at age 20.          

       Grannys Featherbed 


Granny Had A Featherbed

That All Us Kids Sure Loved

Now Was It Just That Featherbed

Or Was It Grannys Gentle Hug

When We Spent the Night at Her House

In Her Big Iron Bed Wed lay

Snuggled Down Beneath the Covers

In Her Featherbed We Laid


Im Now A Granny In My Family

And Many Years Have Come And Gone

But The Memories Still Linger

How In That Featherbed Wed Lay

Yes, Wed Lay Beneath The Covers

And Hear Stories Of Her Life

And Wed Laugh And Snuggle Closer

In The Darkness Of The Night


She Told Us Stories Of Our Parents

When They Were Growing Up At Home

Most Of All Shed Talk Of Papa

And Of Their Long And Lasting Love

Yes, We Learned How Much She Missed Him

Since He Went To Live With God

And Wed Put Our Arms Around Her

And Share A Gentle Hug


She Often Talked About The Savior

Of Her Life - Good Times And Bad

She Talked Of Grace And Of Forgiveness

And The Saviors Faithful Stand

She Gave Us Strength To Meet Tomorrow

She Taught Us How To Live Today

And We Snuggled Close Beside Her

As In Her Featherbed Wed Lay.


We Talked Of Love And Disappointment

And Of Grades And School And Friends

We Told Her All Our Deep Dark Secrets

That Wed Tell No Other Friend

She Held Us Close When We Were Hurting

She Laughed With Us At Silly Things

And We Knew Shed Always Love Us

Nestled In That Featherbed


Now She Has Gone To Be With Jesus

Im Sure She Walks With God Above

Her Life Reminds Me Of The Roses

In The Song That's Often Sung

Here Roses Bloom But For A Season

Then They Die And Fade Away

But In The City Where Shes Gone Now

There The Roses Never Fade.


So Until We Meet Again In Heaven

I Will Cherish In My Heart

Memories Of This Godly Woman

And Of Her Love For Us And God

How She Guided As She Listened

In Her Gentle Caring Way

As We Shared Young Dreams And Secrets

While In That Featherbed We Laid.

Fanny Burns Smith

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