SmithDRay's Sunset Page :

A Sunset to Relax You and Raise Your Spirits

In your mind, you can use this page
to take you away to

a place in the world,

(scroll down)

Where you can relax and refresh

your spirit. It is a place like...
(you recall your favorite memory)

A place so perfect,

that all your present cares would melt away.

A walk on the beach just as the sun sets,

the sound of the waves moving in,

the warm sand under your feet,

Nothing can bother you here...

Nothing at all.

So relax now,

go for a mental walk,

Let your spirit be raised,

cherish this Sunset,

and move toward the path

of everlasting peace through

knowing that God's love is seen

through everyday events such as


Remember that YOU are SPECIAL, God loves you and so do your friends!

Enjoy life one moment at a time and keep God in ALL you do!

Sunsets for you may never be the same again!


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