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Leadership Oak Ridge Alumni Board of Directors Directory
Name: Hal Osucha       Name: Ray Smith      
Click to send E-mail to Hal   Click to send E-mail to Ray    
Chairman   Vice-Chairman  
Class of: 1997       Class of: 1998      
Name: David McCoy     Name: Steve Seifried    
Click to send E-mail to David     Click to send E-mail to Steve    
Treasurer   Additional Info: Community Outreach Program
Class of: 2001       Class of: 2005      
Name: Michele Brandenburg          
Click to send E-mail: Michele        
Legislative Connection  
Class of: 1996              
Name: Claudia Lever     Name: Bridget Correll      
Click to send E-mail to Claudia     Click to send E-mail to Bridget    
Communication   Class Representative
Class of: 1997       Class of: 2006      
Name: Ruth Ann Maddux       Name: Jane Shelton    
Click to send E-mail to Ruth Ann     Click to send E-mail to Jane    
Membership   Local Connection
Class of: 1990       Class of: 1988      
Name: Leigha Stewart       Name: Mitzi Burgess    
Click to send E-mail to Leigha     Click to send E-mail to Mitzi    
Programs   Personal Connection
Class of: 2004       Class of: 1995      
Name: Wade Johnson          
Click to send E-mail to Wade        
Professional Development  
Class of: 2000          




















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NETWORKING LORA Membership Directory  (click on underlined name to send e-mail)

Marilyn Murrary 1985
Jane Shelton 1988
Louise Mixon 1988
Tony Farris 1989
Ruth Ann Maddux 1990
Christine Lee 1991
Chris Hill    1992
Sam Pelchar 1994
Dot Dare   1994
Tom Hilton 1994
Rosalind Schmorak 1994
Nancy Gray 1994
Mitzi Burgess 1995
Sid Garland 1996
Fay Martin 1996
Al Porell   1996
Hal Osucha 1997
Tami Carroll 1997
Mark Lucas 1998
Pat Powell 1998
Ray Smith 1998
Marla Lenihan 1998
Leslie England 2000
Kathy Edwards 2000
Kelly Beierschmitt 2001
Betty Stokes 2001
Kevin Hannan 2002
Larry Garner 2002
Lisa Boone 2003
John Burleson 2003
Sasha Benjamin 2004
Chuck Carringer 2004
Lee Brooks 2004
Leigha Stewart 2004
Shelaine Curd-Hetrick 2004
Mary Roberson 2005
Janie Flick 2005
Susan Hughes 2005
Lillian Rubin 2005
Ruth Keller 2006
Al Denney 2006
Nicole Allen 2006
Ryan Bennett 2006
Joan Carden 2006
Tracy Liverman 2007
Mary Jane White 2007
Roger Kulavich 2007
Brenda Parker 2007
Deborah York 2007

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Schedule of Events:

LORA 2008 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS              
What   2008 Kick Off                
When   Tuesday..March 25……11:30-1 P M            
  Brown Bag Luncheon Meeting              
Where   Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce            
Who    Homer S. Fisher, Senior Vice President Emertis          
  University of Tennessee              
Subject   "Investing in our Heritage"              
  An indepth discussion of the activities underway in the community to expand our    
  teaming approach to increase opportunities for tourism for visitors in the area and well    
  as the nation.                
What   Welcome Class of 2008              
When   Tuesday..April 1…..5-6 P M              
Where   United Way of Anderson County Meeting Room          
Program   Social event with food and drinks to congratulate the class as they reach the mid point of the program.
  An opportunity to network with  the class members and gain an insight in to the progress.  
What   Tennessee Connection              
  Brown Bag Luncheon Meeting              
When   Tuesday…June 24….11:30-1 P M            
Where   Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce            
Who   Steve Bennett, TWRA Biologist              
Subject   "The Elk Restoration Project in Tennessee"            
  An overview from the project leader of the work underway to restore the elk herds back into  
  eastern Tennessee and the national park areas.          
What   Personal Connection              
  Brown Bag Luncheon Meeting              
When   Tuesday…September 23….11:30-1 P M            
Where   Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce            
Who   Alan C. Lowe, Executive Director            
  Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy          
Subject   "The Importance for Public Service"            
  Senator Howard H. Baker Jr gave great service to the people of Tennessee and the nation  
  and the center strives to emphasize a better understanding of government and greater     
  understanding of the importance of public service.          
What   Oak Ridge Leadership Alumni Dinner Social          
When   Mid November--exact date and location to be determined        
Program   The program will be a evening dinner social for alumni members and their guest. Following the dinner 
  a program will be presented. The even should be finalized by mid-Sepetember and invitations extended
  for those who are interested.              

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