2nd Smiley


Smileys are just plain fun!  So, ENJOY your scroll through this SMILEY page!


Smileys are sometimes a bit unusual and it is often not easy to know just what they mean.



They are sometimes uncanny in reading our moods and can change personality and surprise you with their expressions.




Then on occasion they will get together and really confuse you with their antics.



Sometimes they do tricks, just to please you!



Like turning flips...






or like turning happy flips the other direction...






or like making silly faces at you...






or like dancing in a line for you...






or even like jumping rope and crossing the rope while jumping it...





Remember all the various tricks and expressions are for one purpose and one purpose only...






that purpose is to...





cause you, yes you, to S M I L E  so, 

don't try to keep a straight face now...


It will make you feel better, look better, and even BE better!




Young children 




or old women...





S M I L E's make them both more fun to be around.


So, if there is a child or a Granny in your life, make them smile by telling them about this Happy Smiley Page.

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