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SUNRISE...that precious span of time.  Seen by few - missed by many.  God's gift to all... who seek His love to find.



The quiet hour of sunrise

when most are still at rest

Too early for the lazy

it's seen by seekers of the best


The experience is so awesome

as to make us all inquire

"Why do we rest in slumber

and waste this precious hour?"

David Ray Smith     








There's beauty in a sunrise

across a sea of blue

There's comfort in the silence

of glistening morning dew

Each new day in its dawning

the dew drops shining still

Enhance the joy of living and show that GOD is REAL


It's peaceful in the stillness

of moonlight on the snow

The majesty of nature

is watching flowers grow

The solitude of stillness

the flowers of the field

Sing praises to nature and say that GOD is REAL


The heavens in their glory

intrigue the author's hand

The earth in all its splendor

astounds the mind of man

The mystery of the heavens

the earth so small and still

Expand the thoughts of man and prove that GOD is REAL

David Ray Smith     


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