Tennessee Children's Home


RESIDENTIAL CARE  The primary work of Tennessee Children’s Home is to provide a home for children, who, for whatever reason, cannot live with their parents.  The causes of separation are many but, whatever the reasons, these children deserve to be loved and cared for.  Our houseparents are highly committed Christian couples who have dedicated themselves to guiding children, who need the right kind of examples to help them grow to responsible adulthood.  

TREATMENT  Many of our children come to us behind in school, with behavioral problems or with emotional problems.  In keeping with Galatians 6:10, we are building our program to “help all men” and all of the problems faced by these children.  By using our professional staff, area services and special school programs, we are seeing great improvements in our children.  

FOSTER CARE  According to state regulations we cannot place children under six years old on our campus.  Therefore, we have applied for and received a child placing license.  This will enable us to place young children in private Christian homes.  This will be much better for these young children.  We do need more foster parents.  Please call us if you can serve a child in your home.  

COUNSELING  Our on-staff counselors provide counseling services for children in our care as well as their families.  Counseling referrals are also taken from the community.

CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLIANCE   The Tennessee Children’s Home does not discriminate due to race, creed, nationality, religion or handicap.  Our services are available to anyone who requests our help.