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Place your cursor on the page and my SmithDRay EYES OF FUN will watch your every move! HAVE FUN!

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SmithDRay's EYES OF FUN Page
Make the SmithDRay EYES OF FUN dance to the music, race around the page, or slowly follow you anywhere. Tell me if you like this sort of interactive page...and send it to a friend!
SmithDRay's Home Page
Who and What is SmithDRay's? Links to all SmithDRay's Pages.
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Pak-o-Fun Magazine
Fun craft magazine and links to other fun stuff
Pacific Products Gallery
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The World's Largest Daily Joke List
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Jokes, Humor and Fun
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PC Palz
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SmithDRay's INSPIRE Pages!

SmithDRay's Baby Laugh Page
Experience the JOY of sound and the importance of Kids!

SmithDRay's Sunset Page
Experience a Sunset to Raise your Spirits!

SmithDRay's Wagon Page
Promotional page for America's Promise to Youth

SmithDRay's Listen Page
Lesson in practical listening to increase understanding

SmithDRay's Beachcomber Page
Wisdom and encouragement to show LOVE through ACTIONS!

SmithDRay's Flowers and Nature Pages

SmithDRay's Dutch Iris Page
The beauty of Iris and encouragement to ENJOY LIFE!

SmithDRay's Flame Azalea and Dogwood Page
One of the most beautiful scenic views from Gregory's Bald in the Great Smoky Mountains and a Dogwood bloom with thoughts about the BEAUTY OF NATURE.

Additional SmithDRay's Humor Pages

SmithDRay EYES OF FUN Page
Eyes that follow your cursor everywhereThey WATCH YOUR EVERY MOVE

SmithDRay's Optical Illusions Page
Seven Optical Illusions for your viewing pleasure

SmithDRay's SMILEY Pages

SmithDRay's Smiley Page
Smiley page made for sharing with friends to make them SMILE

SmithDRay's 2nd Smiley Page
Smiley page made especially for children and Grannys to make them SMILE

SmithDRay's Holiday Pages

SmithDRay's 4th of July Page
A holiday page made for sharing with friends and family

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.... it WILL improve your disposition.

'Tis easy enough to be pleasant, When life flows along like a song; But the person worth while is the one who will smile When everything goes dead wrong. -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Worth While

But also remember: One may smile, and smile, and be a villian. -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, 5

D. Ray Smith

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