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The incurable itch of writing possesses many - Juvenal, Satire, VII

God wove a web of loveliness
  Of clouds and stars and birds,
But made not any thing at all
  So beautiful as words.
                 -- Anna H. Branch, Her Words

Look in thy heart and write

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance

Nothing you write, if you hope to be good, will ever come out as you first hoped. 
   - Lillian Hellman

My List of Writer's Links

SmithDRay's Home Page
Who and What is SmithDRay's? Links to all other SmithDRay's pages.
Freelance Writing from Home (Your Guide)
Useful information
Writers Links
Many useful connections
Grammer and Style Notes
Excellent reference
Authors on Writing
SmithDRay's Nancy Ward Page!
History of Nancy Ward as published in the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture as well as links to genealogy of Nancy Ward descendents.
SmithDRay's Dragging Canoe Page
History of this most feared Cherokee War Chief and links to other Dragging Canoe related sites.
SmithDRay's Historic Trails Page
Emery Road and Walton's Road, earliest road system from East Tennessee to Middle Tennessee as published in the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture.
SmithDRay's Sarcoidosis Page!
Introduction to this illness with unknown cause and no cure. Links to other informative pages on Sarcoid.
SmithDRay's Humor Page!
Quotes and links to other fun pages.
SmithDRay's Parenting Page!
Commentary from a Grandpa and links to other quality parenting pages.
Quotes for Writers
Exceptionally good page of writing related quotes
THe ART OF WRITING: zine for writers
Online magazine for writers including short stories, poetry, and writers resources.
The Write Markets Report
Resources and markets for writers
Assembly: Writer's Markets
Markets for writers
Books for Writers
Lots of books!
Quantum Success Quotes Library
Motivational Quotes software and Screensaver
Kim Marie Wood
A really good example of a Freelance Writer's page!
My Ink
For Freelance Writers and Self-publishers

D. Ray Smith

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