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A good book should leave you ... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. - William Styron

Good books are like close friends, they comfort you, they are there when you need them, they let you use them, and they don't hurt you a bit. - David Ray Smith

I collect old books. Especially unusual, uncommon, and unique books. Some categories of old books that interest me are: Early American History; Late 1700's Tennessee History; Historical Novels; Early American Presidents (especially Jefferson); Books illustrated by N. C. Wyeth; Classics; Westerns (Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, Cameron Judd); and books by or about Thomas Paine. Books by Tennessee writers are also of interest.

What books have you found especially interesting and do you have some that you would like to sell. If so, please contact me at D. Ray Smith or through my guestbook on this page.

Books I am looking for right now include:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 1 by Carl Sandburg

SAVING THE QUEEN by William F. Buckley;

THE GREAT THOUGHTS by George Seldes;

Any of the Silver Chief series by Jack O'Brien;



1st Editions published prior to 1980

Goodspeed's History of Tennessee

Other books on Tennessee history, prefer early editions

Books on Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk or Andrew Johnson

Books for sale:

CITIZEN TOM PAINE by Howard Fast, 1943 War Edition - $75

BARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS by John Bartlett, 1891, Ninth Edition - $50

THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE by The University of Chicago Press, 13th Edition - $15 (sold)

HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES ILLUSTRATED by E. Benjamin Andrews, 1903, Vol I(1492-1763) - $20

HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES ILLUSTRATED by E. Benjamin Andrews, 1895, Vol II(1763-1814) - $25

HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES ILLUSTRATED by E. Benjamin Andrews, 1895, Vol III(1814-1861) - $25

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN PRESIDENTS by John and Alice Durant, 1955, - $20

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 2 by Carl Sandburg - $25

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 3 by Carl Sandburg - $25

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 4 by Carl Sandburg - $25

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 5 by Carl Sandburg - $25

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol 6 by Carl Sandburg - $25

SPECIAL OFFER: Collection of Zane Grey hardbacks (60 books) - $300 or best offer. E-mail Pam Chrusciel at:

Pam Chrusciel

To purchase any of the above books except the Zane Grey collection, just e-mail me at
Ray Smith
and identify the books and purchase prices. I will respond with specific instructions to complete the transaction. Immediate shipping upon receipt of your payment. Personal check, cashier's check, or money order are all acceptable.

SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S SEARCH OPPORTUNITY: Send your want lists, collectors!

General categories as well as specific titles. We'll deal for books on an individual basis once I've found them.

E-mail Steve Anderson at:

Steve Anderson

This "The History Ring" site is owned by
Ray Smith.

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