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OUR MISSION: Tennessee Children's Home is committed to serving abused, neglected, abandoned, wayward, or orphaned children and youth, as well as their families, in a Christian manner.  Utilizing all available resources, we will provide for the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of the children and youth we serve in a safe and secure environment.

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Tennessee Children’s Home – East  is licensed as a child-placing agency by the state of Tennessee.  As a child-placing agency we can provide adoption services. We provide these services in three areas.

1.  Adoptive placement - We can meet the needs of children who need a permanent home and who can benefit from family life by becoming permanent members of a family.  The Agency considers adoption an appropriate service for children whose birth parents are unwilling or unable to provide care for them and who are or can be legally freed for adoption.  These services for children include finding a suitable adoptive home, referral for subsidy and other supports, and placement as soon as legally possible.  Services are also provided to birth parents while they are making the decision to surrender their child and following that decision.

2.  Adoptive Home Studies – There are times when a family is in need of an adoptive home study because of a child being placed with them by someone other than an agency and they need a home study to complete the process.  There are also times when a family is dealing with an agency not licensed in the state of Tennessee who needs a home study done by a state licensed agency.

3.  Post-placement supervision – Most children placed in an adoptive home need post placement supervision of at least six months.  Many foreign adoptions require longer periods of time.  Tennessee Children’s Home – East will provide those visits and reports during that time.

For more information send e-mail to: Adoption Services or call 865-584-0841.


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