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OUR MISSION: Tennessee Children's Home is committed to serving abused, neglected, abandoned, wayward, or orphaned children and youth, as well as their families, in a Christian manner.  Utilizing all available resources, we will provide for the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of the children and youth we serve in a safe and secure environment.

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Solution Focused Parenting 

Many parenting programs are problem focused and blame oriented:  "What痴 the problem and who is to blame?"  Once the problem has been identified and blame fixed, the assumption is that things will change for the better.  This assumption is proved wrong time and time again.  This workshop was developed to meet the needs of parents of children who have been placed in state custody due to behavioral problems.  However the workshop is valuable for any parent of a difficult teen.  Congregations might want to sponsor this work shop as part of their outreach to the community.  Contact us to inquire further.

Solution Focused Parenting is based on seven foundational principles that help parents learn how to close the door on past failures, search for solutions that are a best-fit for them (not some fictional family), how to form and implement change plans, and how to avoid the seven traps that kids set for their parents.  The following topics are explored in the workshop:

キDungeons, Dragons, and Demons of the Past様earn to close the door on past failures

キIdentifying the Problem用arents learn to state problems behaviorally, specifically, and in solvable terms

キInvestigating Solutions用arents learn how to identify the successes that worked and will work again and discover new ways to looking at old problems

キFinding the Right Consequence用arents learn how to avoid being a toothless tiger that does a lot of roaring while the kids rule the jungle

キSeven Traps Kids Set For Parents用arents learn to identify the traps that their teens set for them and how to avoid stepping into those traps

An online version of this training received a 4-star rating (the highest given) from the Course Review Committee of Universal Class, and may be accessed by clicking the link below


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